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What is the difference between lacquered and oiled finishes on wooden floors?

Oiled or lacquered? Both oil and lacquer finished floors have their advantages. Really all you should consider is the look you want, after all, you will see it and live on it every day.

Lacquered finishes
Reduce scratches on your lacquered or oiled floor by using quality floor protectors to your appliances and removing shoes.

Lacquered floors need little maintenance, it is vacuum friendly and you can simply clean it with a mop.

Matte Lacquered floors have the same smooth feel as varnished/standard lacquered floors

Lacquered floors have a smooth feel with a gloss look.

✗ Lacquered floors scratch easier than oiled floors and are very visible

✗ Scratches cannot be fixed easily as with oiled floors. But newer versions of lacquered floors are tougher to scratch because they are made with stronger materials with advanced techniques

Oiled finishes
The most common difference between a Natural Oiled floor and UV Oiled is that the UV Oiled floor is dried first using UV lights. This type of method speeds up the drying process and also means the floor does not need a coat of oil when installed. A Natural Oiled floor has to be treated with a coat of oil when installed.

Similar to the Lacquered floors, you cannot apply another coat of oil to a UV Oiled floor because it will not cooperate or add another layer. Oiled floors can offer an equally protective layer when compared to lacquered and mat lacquered floors.

Oil finishes provide protection from both sides unlike lacquer finishes which will only provide protection from the surface. The oil penetrates deeply into the wood providing a long-term protective layer that will protect the floor thus scratches will tend to be less visible on oiled floors.

However natural oiled floors do require more maintenance, its highly recommended to add another coat of oil once installed. It also recommended to oil once a year depending on the condition of the floor. The process of reapplying oil ensures that scratches will be less visible and most importantly will strengthen and enrich the wood, giving it a finer look.

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